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Rim repair NY is now becoming very popular instead of spending a huge sum of money to buy new rims.  There are lots of new companies thatare just like Wheel Fix Ny Pros that are popping up and can fix your
wheels back to a new condition.  Rim repair NY though is like a fine wine as it ages it becomes better.  The more experience and training and time performing rim repair the better the company gets at handling situations that arise and can perform better services.

There are some instances where there would need more time for the repair to take place such as a cracked wheel.  More time would be needed to actually weld up the crack and go through the safety procedures to make sure the rim is safe for the road.  The damage that is seen most often is scrapes, curb rash, chips, peeling, tiny bends and minor flaws.

Here is an analysis of how we would repair your rims from curb damage. First we would remove the rim and tire from the car and if the damage was all around the rim we would remove the air from the tire and pull the bead back from the rim. 

Next we would with grinding processes remove the damage and smooth.
Then we would extensively clean the wheel of any brake dust, grease or any other contaminates that would affect the painting process.

After this we apply a bonding agent to the rim that seals the bare metal and gets the original paint left on the wheel ready for the color or finish that is going to go on next.

Now we apply the base coat after we match it perfectly to what the original finish is.  And then the final step is the clear coat is applied which provides the gloss of the original new finish and protects the wheel. 

rim repair ny
rim repair ny
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